Hair cut

I've been in a comfort zone for the longest time. Alhamdulillah, I was surrounded with good and humble people for all these while. They keep me grounded and moderate. Even Mum loves all these people (as she knows all my friends).

Then, things change. A new phase of life started. I was put in a different circle of people. A variety type of people I must say. They are nor bad neither good in general. They're just different from me and I'm trying to fit in. 

The thing with 'trying to fit in' is somehow confusing. I was not being myself - as if I was trying to make people to like me which I dont think is right. People shall like me for myself not for some bimbo that I'm trying to be. Thank god, it did not took me a long time to realize it.

I'm still trying to fit in but in much clearer version. I'm not perfect and in the process to be better, InshaAllah.  Family is the backbone but having good companies nonetheless is important too. I pray to Allah to stay strong and istiqamah in everything that I do. Ameen.

By the way, the new haircut make me feel more edgy and young! Well, that's the spirit aite?