a perfect man

"The truth is that everyone have issues. Maybe building a fake perfect man in my mind, is my biggest issue of all. I have been walking around with the ghost of my magic man. He's been haunting me, keeping me from recognizing a world of opportunity that were right in front of me."

Lane: Beauty & the briefcase

When I was younger, I'd put certain criterion of my future soulmate. He must be handsome, taller, smarter, and etcetera. As I grew older, the list seems longer and longer. The least is, all those things made him a perfect soul-mate, so did I think.

I never really fall in love with any guy, but back then I talked about relationship as if I'm the expert. Alas, I'm not. How can a doctor talked engineering? he cant or else he'll give a wrong fact. So was I.

Love is not mathematic or science. You could not put limit or condition to be in love. You could not measure happiness based on those criterion. Having someone richer, could not promise you a happiness. Or smarter. Or prettier.

But I guess, one little condition can guarantee a lifetime happiness; Iman and Takwa. InsyaAllah he will lead you straight to jannah. and only there, an ultimate happiness lies.


Live, smile and laugh

There is a girl once believed that, happy ending will last forever. She thought all the joy and happiness surround her, would stay. Naive and Innocent.

The world is yet to be discovered. The suffers are even more bigger. The price for a glimpse of happiness is unbearable. You'll get what you give and nothing is a free ride. There's no Cinderella with her prince charming. There's no a poor Rapunzel waiting for her savior or Snow white and the seven dwarfs with the knight in the shining amour.

You fight for your own happiness. You should never let people around to bring you down. You should never lose hope.

Oh, oh, they can say.
Anything they want to say.
Try to bring me down.
But I won't face the ground,
I will rise steadily,
sailing out of their reach.

Can't take that away: Mariah Carey

Sadness and sorrow will pass. Live, smile and laugh.


the truth

I think not everyone can handle a truth. I believed that the truth's always hurting. You asked for the truth and honesty but its all will leave you to bleed. Some people take it (the truth) as rejection, criticism, lies or as an insult.

You hardly see the truth in a positive way. Yet you still yearned for a truth. Irony.

You asked people to be friendly, cheerful but cant you see that you're a whole lot worst; harsh, selfish and social-freak. Irony.

Dont fret, it just a part of the game.


true colors

When you meet someone new, you'll have your own perception. negative or positive, depends. I met someone today and she looked beautiful, fun, funny and talkative. But the real deal is, she's a bitch. Talking bad about people, laughing at unfortunate and selfish.

That's human being. We're blinded with people appearance, the skin but not the true color. We trust the wrong people and end up ruining our own life.

Dont judge a book by its cover. True indeed.



It's a new start. Inshaallah, may it be a better one.