When we're under pressure, it feels like the heart is pumping so fast it almost break your chest. You get mad and angry. Feeling like slamming the door or breaking a mirror or smashing a glass; it sounded brutal right now but on that particular moment, it is the surreal thing to do. Just to get the anger out of your body and express your outrage to the world.

Well, that feeling is normal. When things get out of control, we can easily lose ourselves. We forget about tomorrow or the consequence. We forget things can go really bad and we're going to deal with it the next day.  But there and then, nothing else matters.

The art of anger management is hard. Islam teach us to stay calm and take wudhu' when we're overwhelmed with anger. Islam teach us to sit down or lay down just to keep our emotion in control. Islam reminds us that a strong man is the one who can control his anger. The consequence of acting out of anger can be severe; A family can be broken, a partnership may be split, a worker can be fired.

Yet, anger is part of us. We, humans, have a lot of emotions in our body and we have to deal with it. Just make sure our emotion is always in check and practice to control our anger. Ahh.. practice makes perfect.


The Ripple Effect

When you do one good deed, it creates ripple effect. One good deed leads to another and another. 
Marshall Eriksen: HIMYM S08E08

My senior colleagues have been asking me the same questions for the past weeks; Do you happy working here? Do you like the job? I've been warned a few times that this particular position is not suitable for women. They never hire a woman for the job and this is the first time for over 30 years. So, I understand their concern and where all these questions are coming from.

It's not the toughest job of all. I do think many women out there are capable to perform the job. Yet, I'm here, in this position and I have to make the best of it. The thing is, I do like this job. I like the surroundings. I like my colleagues. Somehow, I'm passionate with the job.

Dont get me wrong. It's not all rainbow and butterfly. I've been scolded by many people(especially from other department) from technician, executive and even up to managerial level. I cried for the first 2 weeks because of the pressure. and I still cry sometime, alone when things gotten out of hand. But I learned through it. As they always said, you'll learn better through mistakes. Just smiles, learned the lessons and make sure to not repeat the same mistake ever again.

So, do I like the job? Of course I do but not because it's full with rainbow and butterfly. It's because of the people and surrounding. and it's challenging - so far. Things are always fun and interesting when it's challenging, aite?

Smile people, smile. It sure will get better when you smile.