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Human being is complicated. They are subjective and unique in their very own ways. They are unpredictable and not rigid. Like people say; changing is the only constant. True indeed.

We tend to make many mistakes throughout our life. We make wrong decisions, we trust wrong people and they might wreck our world. But that's life. As a friend, the best you can do is to support and be the backbone of your loved one. You give them advices and it is up to them either to listen or not. and when they need you the most, you never back off and say 'I told you so', because they are your friends. They are human being just like you. They also make a lot of mistakes.

A friend talked behind my back few years back. It is somehow humiliating me and giving a pretty bad impression to my other friends. I was heart broken and could not forgive myself for trusting such people though I never confronted her for the mistakes that she had done to me. The damage is done and there's nothing much to say after all.

Now, she did the same things that she talked behind my back before. The curse backfire some might say. I didnt utter a word about it, nobody knows other than me. I can choose to do the same thing that she did to me last time. but I choose not to.

"At some point, you have to make a decision. Boundaries don't keep other people out. They fence you in. Life is messy. That's how we're made. So, you can waste your lives drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them. But there are some lines... that are way too dangerous to cross."
Meredith Grey: Grey's Anatomy

Sometimes, some things are better left as it is. It just another lesson to learn; to her and to me. It just a part of life, to make mistakes and learn from it.



I'm going through a new phase of my life. After saying good bye to those good people, now I say hello to a bunch of old friends. This is the new beginning, a new chapter to write, a better me inshaAllah.

I am not sure if it's going to be easy or tough but I deeply pray that I'll stay strong and finish this with joy and happiness. I dont know if I were making a right decision to go with my instinct but I'd really hope this is the right path for me. I hope this is the best decision for me, ameen.

Been gone to Langkawi these few days. A trip with my mom and alhamdulillah everything went smoothly. Happy to see mom ecstatic to shopping and walking around Langkawi. She had gone through so many rough phases in life, it is about time for her to have her day. She'd been talking about going to Langkawi to us for quiet some time but nobody really bother to bring her there.

Then, when Airasia made a Year End Sale, I quickly booked the tickets for the both of us. It's my treat, my obligation specifically. and I had no regret for that.

I had my day; to see her happy is my ultimate goal always. She is not a perfect mother but who can guarantee to be perfect. She have her flaws here and there but she is the one who gave birth to me and raised me up to be the person of who I am today.

She is the most beautiful melody of my life. She completed my song.


Till we meet again.

I'd never thought, saying goodbye could be this hard. It was never crossed my mind that we can be so attached with people within these months.

Life moves on. We leave some people behind and we will meet new one soon. But this time around, leaving these good and nice people behind were one of the hardest thing ever. I tried to hold my tears, I'd wanted it to be easy. I dont want to feel so attached with these people.

Yet, I couldnt. They already won some space in my heart. I would never forget them; as they made it easy for me while I saw some people were struggling instead. I'll remember all the joy and fun that I had with them, each and everyday.

Time flies really fast. Hope, I could spare some of it to cherish this moments. Till we meet again.


Bahasa Melayu I

Orang kata cinta itu buta. Love is blind. Maksud sama, tak kesahlah melayu tiru orang putih atau orang putih tiru melayu. It works both way.

Tapi, itulah pernyataan paling klise bila sebut tentang cinta. Budak-budak darjah enam yang baru baligh pun tahu pernyataan ni.

Bila bercinta, gunung yang tinggi melangit nampak setinggi busut je. Laut yang dalam macam lopak air celah longkang. Harimau yang bengis nampak macam anak kucing. Gajah pun macam semut, ikan paus apatah lagi, macam anak ikan bilis terus.

Cinta tu membuatkan rupa yang buruk nampak lawa. Bau badan macam air longkang tapi bau macam perfume Burberry Touch. Orang bodoh nampak pandai. Orang miskin nampak kaya. Orang yang kurang ajar nampak sopan santun. Bilamana kena pukul dengan lelaki pun, rasa macam kena geletek je. Tak percaya, dengarlah lagu Eminem feat. Rihanna, Love the way you lie.

Ini semua penangan cinta. Selagi kita tak kena, kita tak boleh bayang macam mana penangannya pada kita. Mungkin lagi teruk. Tak siapa yang tahu.

Jadi, bersederhanalah dalam bercinta kerana cinta utama hanya milik DIA. Cinta bukan untuk ditunjuk-tunjuk, bukan untuk dipamer-pamer. Sifat hati itu sendiri tersembunyi dan cinta itu adalah hasil luahan hati. Kalau cinta harus diterjemahkan melalui kata-kata nan manis atau rupa yang menawan, pasti si buta dan si pekak bisu takkan pernah jatuh cinta.

Cinta itu unik, semua orang dapat merasainya. Tanpa hati, siapa kan mampu bernafas lagi?

"Orang kata cinta itu buta. Tapi saya kata cinta membuatkan kita boleh melihat jauh dalam hati. Cinta tak perlukan mata, tak perlukan telinga. Cinta cuma perlukan hati."

Ihsan: Keabadian Cinta



"You cant control the things that happened to you. But you can control the way you react to them."

Marni Olivia Olsen: You Again

It's 2011. Happy New Year All!

I rarely make any new year resolutions as I know that I do not have the determination to do any of it. But for this coming year, I have a few resolution that I badly wanted to accomplish.

1. Be more patient. React positively towards everything.
2. Have a publish book.
3. Lose some weight.

So, let see if I will be able to accomplish all these in a year. It's not going to be easy but hey, nothing is easy in life. Cest la vie.

Just for the record, I had a remarkable experiences through out 2010. It was a wonderful journey indeed. Hoping 2011 will bring much more joy and happiness, ameen.