It's been quite some time since the last post. The truth is, I have limited internet access and hardly have time to on my personal laptop. Work really took a tool on me. Not that I am THAT busy but it kept me occupy most of the time.

Life seems pretty interesting nowadays - I met new people and made new friends, alhamdulillah. Though I'm struggling to have a balance life; between works, friends and healthy body. I tried to spend at least thrice per week, having dinner with friends. They kept me sane and refreshing indeed. I have yet to find time to jog or join aerobic classes held by the company. That's the most frustrating part. I need to find time for that or my body will collapse in one of these days. Exercising as a friend told me, let our body to keep out the negative ion and recharge the positive ion. Thus, your mind will be full of positive mindset which will translate into positive attitude, InshAllah.

I miss writing actually; I miss to have a good writing to be precised. May Allah grant the ilham/inspiration to write soon. Till then.