My current favorite cake is the apple cake. The first apple cake that I ate was the one that been made by my aunt, few years back. Then, I tried to bake one last year and love it so much. Today, I bake the same cake with bit modification. Alhamdulillah, it taste just good.

So, why the hell am I writing about apple cake? haha. Please bear with me, I'm trying to write something here.

My life is changing 360 degree and I was about to cope with everything. The future seems hazy and uncertain. The free time that I have is making me restless and anxious which is something that I had never experience before. Yes, I shall enjoy this free time before starting a hectic 8 to 5 ritual but it didnt feel right.

I'm still waiting the response from the one and only interview that I had attended last month. The result will come out somewhere this week. I think, it is going to be mix feeling once I received the result, whether I get the job or not.

As many said, find a career not a job. So, I am not sure if I were going to make big bucks and live within an everyday ritual or make just enough money to live and enjoy going to work everyday. The first choice seems more tempted but it just all about money. Am I really that person?

I honestly dont know. May Allah shows me the right path for my future. ameen.


Seni siasah

Satu perkara tentang saya, saya jarang menulis mengenai politik. Walaupun saya tidak menulis secara terang-terangan arah politik saya, namun saya mempunyai kecenderungan tersendiri. Cuma walau ke arah mana pun sisi pendapat saya, saya tidaklah bersetuju melulu dengan mana-mana parti politik.

Seperti contoh kes Adam Adli, saya langsung tidak bersetuju dengan tindakannya namun saya juga tidak bersetuju dengan reaksi yang diberikan oleh Kerajaan yang menghantar FRU. Adam Adli bukanlah hero siswa, tindakan dia sedikit pun tidak menunjukkan aksi hero yang dibanggakan. Cuma reaksi kerajaan terhadap siswa ini menunjukkan kepincangan kerajaan dalam menangani suara kebangkitan siswa. Itu sahaja.

Kadang-kala resah melihat sesetengah orang bersetuju secara melulu dan tidak mampu berhujah secara berhikmah. Kalaupun kita menyokong pembangkang, tidak semestinya semua yang biadap datang dari pihak pembangkang harus disokong. Jika kita pro kerajaan, bukan semua yang indah-indah sahaja datang daripada kerajaan. Manipulasi berita oleh saluran media utama sangat menakutkan namun kita pun tidaklah sampai harus dimanipulasi berita-berita dari portal parti berlainan.

Bila berhujah, pastikan kita berhujah dengan fakta yang betul. Betulkan niat dengan niat berhujah untuk mendapatkan kebenaran bukan untuk menang. Kebenaran mungkin boleh datang melalui pihak kita atau pihak bertentangan. Kunci utama adalah untuk bertenang dan berlapang dada.

Saya sungguhnya resah melihat sesetengah orang mentafsir input yang diterima. Reaksi yang diberikan juga sangat membimbangkan. Semoga kita semua diberikan kelapangan minda untuk mentafsir setiap input yang diterima, sebaiknya.


Pause Button

I listened to a song that aired on the radio, the other day. And I tried to find the title of the song based on the lyrics that I heard. The melody is quite catchy so I presume, the song is about happy moment. Alas, it is not. It becomes disturbing as the lyrics is quite psychotic.

On another note, the kids nowadays are bit different from my generation. They are more tech-savvy obviously and catching up with us so quick. They mature much faster beyond their age and somehow it makes me feel sad. Kids should act and behave as one. They should enjoy their childhood, running freely with no burden of responsibility because once you passed that phase, you would never get it back.

As the famous tagline of Superhero Spiderman; With great power, comes great responsibilities. Having the power of making your own decision, earning your own salary and raising up your own kid, it comes with such a huge responsibilities. I wish I can say this to them and make them realize how precious is to be a kid.

But, this is life. It has no pause or rewind button. It just comes and goes. Only death shall be the final stop.



A new year begins. According to Mayan tribe, apocalypse will occur in 2012. Yes, it is a prophecy that caused fear in the heart of many people. I just cant wait for the year to pass and see what all these people have to say about it. But, I am not going to write about apocalypse or Mayan's prophecy.

2011 had been such a mercy to me. I learnt a lot in a year. I've been put in a difficult position where I had to make tough decisions for my future. I had ups and downs through out the year but other than my greatest support that came from my family, I have him to be by my side.

We both have been asked the same question over and over again; marriage. The best answer that I can give to everyone is; semoga segalanya dipermudahkan. I dont have the exact answer for the question as our plan is also constantly changing. It can be this year or a year after that or 3 more years. Nothing is yet certain, we both can only pray that everything goes as planned.

I do have my own plan for the future. I dont put too much hope into marriage because anything can happened in the between. I cant even say for sure that he is my soulmate or I will definitely marry him. But, we plan towards that. We dont say that 'I love you forever' but we always said to each other that we will work hard everyday to fall in love. Relationship is about making effort. Allah boleh tarik rasa kasih sayang daripada hati kita sekelip mata, jadi tak boleh berbangga riak kata kita akan saling mencintai sampai mati.

I didnt plan for any of this to happen. I take it as a test that Allah put on me. Accepting him into my life is a crucial decision but I think, I am glad that I took that decision. Selain ibu, dia adalah manusia yang paling memahami resah dan gundah yang saya alami. Dia ada waktu berduka dan waktu gembira. Bila saya menerimanya, dia berjanji ingin menjadi pelindung saya (selagi Tuhan izinkan) di dunia sehingga ke akhirat. Lalu, bagaimana saya mahu menolak lelaki sebaik ini?

Kepada yang selalu mengkritik kami, apalah salahnya doakan agar Allah permudahkan jodoh kami. Bukan niat untuk berahsia selama ini tapi apalah gunanya mencanang cerita yang belum tentu pasti. Entry ini pun ditulis dengan penuh cermat dan semoga Allah tidak menduga kami dengan kata-kata yang belum pasti.

Bila masanya tiba, inshaAllah, kami pasti wawarkan pada semua. Doakan kami!