Marriage 101

You dont get married just because you want to avoid adultery. Sex should not be the cause of any marriages. Once you have it, what is left to do in your marriage? Marriage is also not about a grand wedding. Marriage demands a whole lot commitment. And marriage comes with the price.

A marriage is not a happy ending to every love story. It just a new start to another phase in life. It wont be all beautiful but you need to fight for it, every single day in your life.

I'm not saying that marriage is scary or one should not get married but before you make any decision, please take everything into consideration. Are you really prepared for it or you just wanted to get married for the wrong reasons?

Marriage is not the solution for all problems, instead marriage will bring much more problems. But, you will always face problems; either married or not. That is what mom said to me last year when we both talked about marriage.

I am not yet married. I'm looking forward towards the day to come, someday. I'm just against the idea of getting married without proper preparation. Not preparation for the wedding but for the marriage instead.

Statistic shows 50% of marriages failed. Please dont let your marriages fall into this statistic.


one of many reasons to love you.

Have I told you that he is not romantic? and today, just a few minutes ago, he made a very much romantic gesture. I cant stop smiling and my heart is melting. Oh my...

On the other note, I'm sewing a skirt manually. The machine broke down yesterday and I ought to finish the skirt. So, my fingers hurt and I can barely write. Really hope that the skirt will turn out fabulous or else, it will be just a waste.

That is it. Need to continue sewing.


Experience taught best.

You cannot see your past in somebody else's life. Though you feel connected and share certain similarities, but to see you in somebody else's life is not fair. You did some mistakes and you thought he/she will make the same mistakes but they don't. And even though they did, they wouldn't reacted the same way as you did.

Its like medical drug that you took once in a while, the effects are differ to you and your friends. The perfume that you wear, emit different odor on different skin or body. Everyone have a unique reaction towards everything though they did share certain similarities.

Maybe, you need to get a bit loose sometimes. You guided them, gave out advices and looked out for them but let them decide. Let they learned through experiences. We fell to the ground, bleed our knees, cried our heart out and then we learned the lesson in a hard way. Maybe that is how it supposed to be; experiences are the best teacher in life.

So, what if they had the same ending as you did? Let them be. Let them learned.


A sister

I grew up mostly with boys. I have 3 brothers and a sister. While all my cousins (from my dad side) are also boys. Apparently, these boys really influenced me during my childhood. However, I've always looked up to my big sister. All the feminine side of me are coming from her, even my favorite Grey's Anatomy was introduced by her.

Passion in cooking, baking, drama series, and even make up are all coming from her. She is a very wonderful chef. I rarely talked about her but I admire her in so many level, in so many ways. The food that she cooked, the way she dressed up and make up, her profession and of course her proficiency in english.

Today, I made sambal udang and ayam goreng berempah. It was delicious and I owe this moment to her.

Thank you Kakna for being the best sister ever.


Hold me

You cant have everything in this world. Hence, you'll definitely not having everything that your friends have and vice versa. You've got to lose something in order to gain something else. In the end of the day, you must decide, things that really matters to you. Things that you could live with and need for, for the rest of your life.

Just hold it a little bit longer and let it go when the right times come.



Buat keputusan, jangan nak ikut orang. Kita bukan selamanya akan hidup berkawan. Kalau mati, masuk kubur seorang-seorang. Kita buat keputusan yang terbaik untuk diri sendiri. Kita pilih apa yang hati kita nak. Bukan semua kena ikut nafsu, banyak perkara kena ikut cahaya Iman jugak.

Manusia sisihkan kita hari ini, Allah tak pernah sisihkan sesiapa. Bila kita rasa berjauhan, Allah masih lagi dekat, lebih dekat dengan salur darah kita sendiri. Bila kita rasa tak ada sesiapa nak mendengar, Allah ada menunggu kita berdoa.

Bukan selamanya kena ikut cakap orang, dah tiba masanya ikut kata hati sendiri. Ini hidup kita, jatuh bangun, sepak terajang, kita semua rasa. Buat keputusan yang terbaik untuk kita, bukan untuk orang.

Tarik nafas panjang, ini mungkin keputusan yang terpayah. Tarik nafas dan semoga Allah membentangkan keputusan yang terbaik untuk kita semua.