Split Identity

I was carpooling with few guys in the car on the way back to working place (which is approx. 3 hours drive from home). They are new colleagues and they just got to know my other half.  Those who already knew him, knows how he is a total opposite of me. I'm loud and cheeky at times while he is more polite and composed. Haha.

These people barely met him. and yes, I should be more like him as people do mature with time. but, he knows this side of me. I'll dance around when the mall played song that I like, make stupid remarks when nervous or laugh loudly in the public. I'll tone down this side of me whenever with him at public (I'll still get crazy when we're both alone, duh) and they were quite shocked to see that side of me.

So, once we're all in the car, they shouted at me. they said I have a split identity and I did not show my true color to him. oh, come one. I choose to be that way and he likes me because of my crazy personality.

Don't you act differently with your best friend and acquaintance? it does not necessarily means we have a split identity aite? hahaha.

till then.