the LDR

Last night we were talking through the phone as usual. Being far from each other, the only means of connection that we have is mobile phone. Usually we talked twice a day, sharing our daily activity and what not. Sometimes we discussed serious matters and not talking about it in front of each other was excruciating. But we get used to it. We have to. We really dont have a choice aren't we?

So last night he was talking about my clothes.

" Baby, you have a lot of green and koko clothes." I giggled while he's counting.

"At least you 5 green and 4 koko jubah and baju kurung."

"I have other colors as well but they are here with me. I have a lot of dark blue blouse, you know."

I can sense his smile through the phone. My heart smile too. For some, our conversation sounded dull and boring but his attentive manner towards me is heart melting really.

The distance maybe painful but we take it positively. Maybe this is one way from Allah to train us to be more patience in our relationship. And to prepare us for more adversity in the future. Yet we keep praying that one fine day will come and we can be together as family.