The key to a successful relationship is through communication.

In any kind of relationship, communication is one of the essential key to its success. We need to talk and say it out loud to our partner what we've been keeping in our heart. Through a good communication, a relationship could be saved and miscommunication issues could be avoided. It is sound simple but practicing it, is not quite simple though.

Sometimes, the issue is too sensitive to be talked about. Sometimes, it could bring a negative perception in both parties. Sometimes, the relationship could be worsen. But in all books, they still said the very same thing; communicate with your partner.

But somehow, sometimes I really do think that communication is overrated. We've been talking too much. We've been criticizing each other openly. We've become senseless and insensitive with other people's feeling. We've become barbaric.

I need my space for some peace. This is my quiet time. This is my quiet time.


Fast Forward

My life is moving so quick lately. Yesterday, I started my day as early as 6.45 am and only ended at 11 pm last night. I am not that busy but I'm occupied with so many things. It's somehow fascinating. It stopped me from moving as fast as my life should be.

Through the years, I've been watching so many people moving forward; making changes, be the change, turning better. As I am looking back to the past and seeing where I am standing today, I am still static or even worst, moving backward.

There is always this lame excuses of me not being ready. Yes, it is lame but as I tried, I couldnt find better answer(s) or excuses but other than this. The fact that, I've never let myself to be ready, to take a step forward and competing with these people to be better. I never really do. The best that I ever did is to stay on the ground, rigidly.

As I closely observe this one person of her new changes, whereby she seems little like before and she lost all these things that reflects the old her, I then ask myself repeatedly; Do I ready for this?


Moment: 1st trip

Love can make you feel so funny
No house no car not even money
Will make me feel the way
What I'm really tryin to say
I can't live another day
Without You oh without You

Without You: Same Same Feat. Jaclyn Victor


Wedding Song

Genggam tanganku
Saat tubuhku terasa linu
Kupeluk erat tubuhmu
Saat dingin menyerangmu
Kita lawan bersama,
Dingin dan panas dunia
Saat kaki tlah lemah
kita saling menopang
Hingga nanti di suatu pagi
Salah satu dari kita mati
Sampai jumpa di kehidupan yang lain

Saat aku lanjut usia: Sheila on 7