I know that by this age I should be concerned with my beauty regime and body health. Lines on my forehead and eyes are not that visible yet but I might wake up one day and looking like 10 years older. Phewww.

Everyone will age. But some age beautifully than another and I think it comes down to our lifestyle: food diet, exercising, positive thoughts or beauty regime. It is gonna be hard, coming from daily nasi lemak to oats. Cakes to fruit yogurt. Masak lemak cili api to soup. But in the end of the day, the choice is truly ours to make.

Yep, I'm not into that journey yet. I'm cautious with it but making the first step is really tough. Older women in my surrounding (ie: mom and mil) are particular with health and beauty and I can see the results now. They aged better than most women at their age, i bet even better than anyone that is few year younger than them.

Let's try one step at a time. Step 1: Remove makeup. Step 2: wear sunblock & moisturizer daily. aaaand we have so many steps to go. *sigh


Small cantaloupe

It is truly funny to see the world went chaos over one person. Since I'm an avid reader of Quora, I've read arguments from both supporters. For me, it is an interesting twist of event. Though after reading about both candidates, i can sense that trump could win and yep he did.

Trump would surprise us in a different angle I believe. But we shall wait and see on that. Clinton is trickier than we expected, I supposed. But I also read somewhere that USA is not ready for female president, woah.

All the best USA. World is indeed going crazy.