I envy Meredith-Cristina relationship in Grey's anatomy or Harry-Hermione-Ron's in Harry Potter series or House-Wilson complicated bond in House md.

I envy those characters as after 2 decades, I havent really found that. The one that really close to you that you can read each other mind and do everything in the world without any hesitation. I missed that one person who made me feel alive and true. She is my Cristina Yang if I were to be Meredith Grey. I once had that person and I let her go. And that was my greatest regret.

If you ever have someone like that today, never let her go, ever. Because as many said, lightning never strike twice. Have no regrets, live your life to the fullest.



I remember one scene from my fav sitcom, Friends when Phoebe said that everything that people did, will reward them back. Well, Joey tried to prove her wrong by doing good deeds but in the end, he just proving her right. Even good deed like sadaqah for example, will give a self-satisfying which like Phoebe said, rewarding us back in making us feel good about ourselves.

I tend to agree with Phoebe. Though in the sitcom, Phoebe seems like a crazy lady who'll do many crazy things but the fact that she had gone through so many things in life make her see the world in a different perspective.

As Eid Adha is just passing by and on this particular day, we all remember the sacrifices made by Abraham and Ismael; let's recap back, What had we sacrifice for the sake of others? Who had we left behind for the sake of ourselves?

Eid Adha is the best time to look back to the past and improving ourselves for the future. Those sacrifices, does it proven worthy?



Hari ini rasa seperti ingin disayangi. dicintai. Because I painted the wall purple and purple means love to me.

Hari ini rasa macam nak tersenyum tanpa henti. sampai tunjuk gigi dan gusi. Because I listened to the I'm yours by Jason Mraz.

Hari ini adalah hari yang baik untuk saya keseluruhannya selepas melalui minggu yang palat. Okey, scratch that. I wasnt having the best week of my life, period.

Let just say, after each difficulties there is a relief. Thank you Allah.




This time, I'll follow my passion. Regardless what other's think, I'll go with my instinct. I am used to be a very passionate person and I'm kinda lose it for a quite some time. I'll be that person again even though it'll took me forever.

Lately, I'm working out on something. and I worked really hard. And I told myself, if I could make this one thing come true, everything else in life will fall back to its place like it used to be. InshaAllah.

I lost it once and I'm not gonna lose it twice. swear.



Like a little kid who cry over silly thing, I cried just because I fell to the ground today. It doesnt hurt much even doesnt made me bleed but I just cant stop crying.

And you listened to me. Even for the crappiest thing, you'll just listen. You heard me, everytime I called for you. Of you just being there, I am being grateful.

Last night, I dreamt of white gown and the lilies. With you smilling next to me in a white room with the smell of lavender.

I wish for the dream to come true. As if I'd never wish for anything else in life.