Butternut Squash

We've been about 2 weeks in 2017. When (almost) everything turns out good in your life, time flew very fast!

We've stayed under one roof for about 4 months and it seems like it has been that way all these time. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah.

But things might not stay this bright and cheerful. We are going to have a very difficult year for 2017. So many uncertainty. We might have to go into another LDR due to work demand, again!

It is scary and i am scared whenever the thoughts come to mind. I put all my hopes and prayers to Allah and may Allah ease our journey. I just live the moment and appreciate every single hour that we spend together.

For 2017, I hope I can do better in term of career. The first three quarter of 2016 was very challenging in term of career and I wasted all my chances with self pity. I need to be better. At least I owe it to myself.

Hasta la vista 2016! Welcome 2017.

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